Effective SEO-promotion for Web-sites

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Increase the visibility of your site in the search engines for key queries


Increase site traffic


We will help to achieve good positions (TOP10) for new desired inquiries

Our working routine

Usually, the work consists of such steps as:

  • Website audit
  • Analysis of the current demand (statistics of search requests, visits to sites in similar subjects);
  • Compiling a list of promoted queries (the semantic kernel);
  • Internal optimization of the website (for speed and quality improvement);
  • Increase the quoting of the site and the number of its mentions in the network (external optimization);
  • Analysis of user behavior on the site and on the pages of the results of issuance (improving behavioral factors);
  • Tracking of results (positions for target requests, traffic) and making adjustments to the current scheme of work.


On average, to get a return after the work related to SEO takes from 3 weeks to 9-12 months. Terms vary from the level of competition on demand and the general level of competition in the promoted topic.

Following factors may significantly affect the timing:

  • the age of the site (criterion of trust to the site by the search engine);
  • number of sites that are actively promoted in this subject (criterion of "density" of the results of issuance);
  • general traffic on the site (criterion for assessing the usefulness of the site for users);
  • number and quality of resources that refer to the promoted site (criterion of the authority of the resource);
  • the number of relevant documents on the site (an assessment of the relevance of the site to the search query).

Our prices

The cost of promotion directly depends on the set of promoted queries (semantics, semantic kernel) and the overall level of trust in the site by the search engine.

We do suggest to start with consultation, during which we will conduct an initial audit of the site, determine the work plan and be able to make an estimate. The cost of the consultation starts from 70 euros.

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