UMI IZAKAYA restaurant​

Required service
Create and produce authentic and stylish menu in 4 languages, combining traditional Japanese elements with modern design​

Project Duration
1 Week

Bulduru prospekts 33, Jūrmala, Latvia


In one week, we were tasked with developing and production a full menu for a new high-end Japanese restaurant, using only a logo as a starting point. The menu had to be authentic to Japanese restaurant culture, but also be adapted for European diners and include four languages. We began with research on Japanese menu design, studying traditional layouts, typography, and modern trends. We also consulted with a Japanese chef to ensure the accuracy and authenticity. Creative team selected a high-quality, durable paper that complemented the creative concept. Our trusted printing partner produced the menu in a timely manner in correspondance to all quality standards. ​

Project Highlights

  • Within a week of the request, the client received a menu that met their requirements​​​
  • We used modern design elements combines traditional and modern fonts to create a contemporary and balanced look​
  • We developed a menu format that allows for easy page replacement when positions change.​
  • Final menu is a fusion of traditional and modern Japanese design. It is both authentic and stylish, and it is sure to appeal to a wide range of diners.

Project Gallery